10-13-2013 Lunar Eclipse and YOU!

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October 18, 2013 25° Aries 45′ 7:38 pm

Aries:This is a very POWERFUL FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE and it truly is ALL ABOUT YOU! This Lunar energy gives you an extra level of enthusiasm for life as it motivates you to see how far you have come and how far you have yet to go in every aspect of your life. Be sure to address your own needs now before worrying about others. The happier you are now the more valuable you’ll be to others around you!

Taurus: Reserve quiet time for yourself and your interests-every day, if you can. Rest, relaxation, and sleep will help you renew both body and soul, and you’ll find time at home with family rewarding. You may be overwhelmed with an urgent desire to break out of any rut you may be in

Gemini: Friends may distract you from your duties. This impatient Aries Eclipse propels you into starting new projects when a logical look at the costs of participation should make you think twice. You’ll enjoy increased popularity on the social scene and with networking groups.

Cancer: Expect much needed professional change which sweeps away accumulated tension. Come out of your shell and see what the world has in store for you and it make take some juggling to see all the friends who want some of your time. A friend could become a romantic interest

Leo: A trip may be cancelled or some long-term beliefs are now revised as you are forced to manage money differently. Sacrificing yourself for love or loot can be much more expensive than you expect, but opening your eyes and your heart wider is healthy if you recognize your limits.

Virgo: Staying centered can be a challenge as contradictory feelings about your core values, what you own, and what you share all come up for review. Gaining clarity isn’t easy but it’s time to take charge, define your boundaries and defend them against those who might boss you around.

Libra: The impulsive energy of this eclipse incites unexpected behavior from someone close to you as you struggle to discern other people’s motives. Acting with compassion and following your spiritual pursuits lift you beyond the bounds of ordinary life and, you attract new people. :-)

Scorpio: Sudden changes at work rattle your daily routine. Look for ways to eliminate a bad habit and add a healthy one as you are energized toward self-improvement. Impulsive behavior won’t have the positive effects you seek. Don’t let your serious thinking turn into self-doubt. Wow!

Sagittarius: You are tempted to leap without looking as your ‘lust for life’ knows few bounds. Fun is the word of the day as you are ready to take chances in love, career and just life in general. Seeking unusual ways to enjoy yourself makes sense as long as you don’t underestimate risks.

Capricorn: Look ahead rather than hold on to the past and recognize it may be time to let someone go. You may recognize that you can’t ‘fix’ everyone and everything. It is important to recognize the differences between your needs and those of your family and friends. Let go and enjoy!

Aquarius: Communications and learning are a focus as plans get delayed or changed. If you’ve rushed into a class or a situation with someone too quickly, you may need to back and fill in some critical details before you can get back in gear. Experimenting with something new is good!

Pisces: Money matters come to a head. If you recently rushed into a financial commitment, it may be cheaper to back out if it now than to push your luck. Economic independence is an admirable goal, but this eclipse suggests that you shouldn’t try to go it alone. Reassess decisions.
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